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Commute has nice an sturdy tool bags!




Thurgood wiff the feebs


Thurgood doin’ work down in Hyde Park with a healthy feebs.  We got some new new coming soon for yall. Word.

Lurkin’ & Merkin’

Hydrating at YJ’s


new helmet gotsta have SHRED reppage



BBG Chronicles VIII: MWMII

BBQ, Bebop, & Groovin’ Time

1. Who’s Hosting?

BBG! [Corky]

2. Where do we meet? (provide address)

Sunfresh Market [4001 Mill Street, Kansas City, MO]

3. What day and time?

January 24th 6;30 pm

4. How long is the ride?

Round trip about 12 miles.

5.Where are we going? (provide address)

First we’re headed to Gates and Sons BBQ off 1221 Brooklyn Avenue , after dinner we’ll head to The Blue Room which is located inside the American Jazz Museum at 1616 E. 18th Street.

6. Extra info? (optional)

Come out even if you don’t eat meat! The BBQ rides average 2.5 vegetarians. Also, there is no cover at the Blue Room. Herman Mehari will be leading the jam session from 7-11 pm.