The boys over at The Grime are constantly putting in work, even though they are on a mission right now to finish up the highly anticipated SHREDWELL2. In this BBQ edit they have three things to ride but they sure do use them every way possible! Mike and Christian are on some next level shit with their switch game, they are learning everything both ways it looks to me. FUCK YEAH, keep this kind of shit coming! It sos

“IMinusD and Grime held a no-notice pop-up jam in a Downtown San Jose bum park. The Don’t Nark In The Park Jam features riding from Ed Wonka, Gabe Alcantara, Alex Blanco, Matt Montoya, Christian Hamrick, Jeff Dempler, and Mike Schmitt. For a mellow BBQ day some pretty technical tricks went down. I almost can’t even tell some of the switch tricks apart from the natural ones. The scene out here is so next level, there must be something in that San Jose water that the government isn’t telling us about.”

Filmed by: Mike T Schmitt, Christian Hamrick, Ed Laforte, and Jeff D
Edited by: Mike T Schmitt, and Christian Hamrick

Song List.
into- Riz Ortolano – Main Theme
middle- Dert Floyd – Untitled 6
end – Electrelane – John Wayne