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Commute is putting in work busting out this spring's line!

New limited edition leather wallet hand made by Isaac Neale. Everyone over at Commute Bags have been going ham with getting this spring’s line ready to go and be put up for sale on the site soon. Stay tuned for all the goodies coming at ya real soon.


Picture 6

Rootin’ Scootin’ Mike from MoN

Epic Sk8park

Knock on wood


Take that Kansas city police department, you can’t have BBG!

Thurgood wiff the feebs


Thurgood doin’ work down in Hyde Park with a healthy feebs.  We got some new new coming soon for yall. Word.

Lurkin’ & Merkin’

Crackin’ Shit




One 70 degree day, blkmrkt fork, and 2 unknown frames later.