What kind of bike(s) do you have (frame, components)?

Currently riding a Soma Rush (IRENE ADLER) including: Sugino cranks, Re-issue Mighty chainring, Gran Compe hubs laced to reflective Deep V rims, Mr. Chris King holding the fork down, and Mr. Thompson and Sir Brooks holding me up.

How long have you been riding?

Since I was six.

What originally interested you in bicycles?

The Blue Springs BMX track.

For what purposes do you ride this bike?

Getting’ around, rippin’ shit up, and lookin’ sharp.

Where do you usually ride?


Favorite gear ratio and why?

Three to one, cuz its fun to go real fucking fast.

Best song to ride to?

Remains of the Defeated by Skeletonwitch.

Which is more fun; uphill or downhill?

Down, for said shit rippin’.

Who do you ride with?

Anyone who will push me to go faster.

Explain something incredible you experienced on your bike?

Oddly enough, it was getting mowed down by a car and having my bike stolen at the scene. On top of making me ride more intelligently, having friends and family come together to get me back on my feet and bike was one of the most truly beautiful things that I have ever experienced. Also, Soma heard about the whole thing and donated my frame, fork, and some rims.

Follow this link to see the news coverage of the accident: http://www.kmbc.com/video/25121514/detail.html

Dream bike, go: