Some pics from KC Sprints 2011 at the historic Buzzard Beach.  The field was about 20 deep and included some very strong riders.  We placed well as a team, with Jake Wiens (Weineis) placing third, and Tylor Bracket (TWA) getting second just behind the defending champ, Andrew Lyles (Black). All the races were really close, and many of them were decided by less than a second.

In the women’s category Corky (Pukey C) placed second to “Walleye,”  but I’m pretty sure she would have won if she wasn’t drinking so heavily.  Its hard not to root for someone in booty shorts who rides so hard she pukes every time.  You’re awesome Corky!

For more info, check the kc sprints blog at:

Thanks again to Jones, Jevon, and Zeke for hosting another great race–you guys always throw great races!