What kind of bike(s) do you have (frame, components)?

Currently on the ghost whip ( 1996 GT super bike built for 96′ Olympic track team, built by Tiemeyer, Redline Mono Cog Flight, 60th anniversary Schwinn Paramount (Ti frame built in the Serotta Factory) Trek 770.  Custom paint job by one of KC’s finest, Ryan Haralson

How long have you been riding?

Riding for 20 years, raced for 13 years

What originally interested you in bicycles?

As a kid it was  a quick simple way to get around that just became a part of life.

For what purposes do you ride this bike?

Transportation, physical health and abilities, to keep a smile on my face.

Where do you usually ride?

City riding, local dirt trails.

Favorite gear ratio and why?

52×18 its the only gear i have ever ridden, 33×18 on the mtn, because it works.

Best song to ride to?

Any dub step or drum n bass.

Which is more fun; uphill or downhill?

Down,  nuff  said.

Who do you ride with? BBG!

Explain something incredible you experienced on your bike?

The ongoing battle between my mind and body.   My muscles being strained and pushed to their extremes on a regular basis.  Yet my mind allows me to push through the pain from the repetitive training that my daily riding allows. I can ride my bike and be two separate entities at the same time. My mind: all controlling and managing. My body: raw power and strength in a Zen state that just chugs along. That’s something incredible that I experience every day.

Dream bike, go: Rafael track frame/fork, with lightweight track wheels, belt drive