Alright so your out riding and your nylon strap breaks on you…   So today I’m gonna show you how to fix em quick and with less than you spend on a pack of smokes! In this post I’ll cover step by step on how to do this and the easiest way to do so, don’t worry it’s not rocket science so anybody should be able to pull this off!

1. STEP ONE:  Run to your local hardware store to pick up the materials that are needed.

Pack of zip-ties  /  1-inch metal rings (2 or 4 depending on if you plan to fix one or two straps)

2.  STEP TWO:  Slide metal ring onto the broken nylon strap

3.  STEP THREE:  Place ring an inch to half-inch from the main strap then fold little strap over ring. Sew skinny nylon strap to itself to secure ring in place and do so for the others.

4. STEP FOUR: After your done sewing (either hand sew or use a machine) you should have a strap that looks like this then you want to use those zip-ties you went out and bought to attach the strap to the pedals.


Put the zip-ties on so that the  bulky part of it is in the center of the pedal and not in the way to snag on anything or get  caught up and break on you,  then you’ll just have to waste another on it. You can use fatter and thicker zip-ties than what i used for this, the fatter ones actually work better  because they keep the straps  tighter and a bit stiffer to support itself. This will  avoid the straps to fold over and under the pedal (to those who know what I mean).

Alright we’re about done and your about ready to get back out there and ride hard!

This is how I attached the strap down to the pedal but  you can adjust it to your foot size and make sure its snug and tight! You don’t wanna be out and jumping off a ten stair then all of a sudden your strap just comes flying off, so just  be sure to double check every-thing you did. You should attach the ring to the bottom  of your pedal if your shoe size is ten or smaller to ensure the support of your strap. Well there it is, you know what I know about quick and a really cheap way to fix your straps. I hope this helps you and get off your computer so you can go RIDE YOUR ASS OFF!!!